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Where did I get this information? Check out the book Why Things Are by Joel Achenbach (1991, Ballantine Books) as well as any good encyclopedia. 


Watch out for exploding male genitalia!

That poor drone male bee. 

He flies around day after day, night after night, looking for a mate. He's stingless, unable to carry pollen, and can't make wax or secrete the royal jelly. 

His sole purpose in life is to find a mate and reproduce. 

Unfortunately, there is only one queen bee and lots of competition for her attention. To make matters even worse, the queen only mates once during her entire life of 2 to 3 years. 

We can safely assume that there are lots of horny male honeybees flying around out there. 

So let's suppose Joe the Bee happens to be the lucky fellow to land this beautiful babe. He waits his entire life for the queen to open her sting chamber to receive him. 

His prize?. 

His genitals explode like a miniature atomic bomb going off. 


In fact, she was so good that he drops dead and falls to the ground with a big smile on his face. 

By comparison, the male praying mantis is not quite as lucky. No smile on his face in this case. 

In fact, there may possibly be no face to be seen at all. The female has been known to bite his head off. 

It seems that when they start to do the nasty, the male may be unable to copulate. Faced with this problem, the female extends her jaws and chomps off his skull. 

This causes an endorphin-like chemical to be released in the headless male's body and he completes his task (maybe this finally proves that men don't think with their brains). 

When he's all done, the female will consume the rest of his body (this is actually quite rare). This time she is the one with a big smile on her face (and a full belly). 

I've heard about treating a woman to an expensive dinner, but this meal takes the grand prize. 

Useless?  Useful?  I’ll leave that for you to decide.

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