The College Years...
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After my high school graduation, it was off to college.  I chose a real warm place - SUNY at Buffalo (in Buffalo, NY - where else?).  Cold, windy, and snowy.  Just like the weather in the tropics.  It was here that I finally buckled down and became a serious student.  I spent four years at the university studying the exciting field of Geology (better known as ROCKS! to the rest of the world).  Personally, I have little interest in the actual rocks themselves.  I am a big fan of glacial geology - studying the remnants of the past ice ages.  If I had stayed at SUNY Buffalo, I would have studied existing glaciers in very warm places such as Alaska and Antarctica.

In what probably was an effort to avoid working in the real world, I headed off to grad school.  My choice was close by - The University of Rochester. I spent two years there studying - you guessed it - geology!  I was studying the rocks of the mantle of this great home planet that we call Earth.  It was boooring. (I don't think that I put enough o's in...)  I originally planned on getting a PhD, but decided to cut back to the Master's level.  It was a good choice, as I ended up serving as Chief Student Marshal (something like valedictorian) representing all of the Arts and Sciences Masters candidates at the graduation ceremony.  This was, by far, the highest achievement of my life. (Well, maybe not - but I did get a nice plaque to hang on my wall!)