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Get out the magnets!

Total Cereal is the Breakfast of Champions. 

It also supplies us with 100% of our daily requirement of iron. 

But how do they get the iron in there? 

Is it part of the ingredients? Is it a vitamin/nutrient type powder? 

It's neither! 

In fact, it is exactly what they claim it is - iron. They grind up iron and add it to your food. 

You say that you don't believe me? 

Then try this experiment that I do every year in my class: Crush up the cereal into a fine powder. Add water to the cereal and drop in a strong magnet. Stir for a long time (your arms will be sore after this activity - use a mechanical magnetic stirrer if you can get one). 

When you pull the magnet out, you will see lots of little iron shavings attached to it. 

So how does this work? - we all know that we can't eat steel! 

Actually, the flakes are so small that your stomach acids are able to dissolve the particles. 

So is this healthy? 

Yes and no. 

Iron in small amounts causes no harm. Unfortunately, studies are finding that too much iron can cause kidney damage. 

Since Total cereal gives you 100% of your daily need for iron, then any other iron that you digest is too much. This is probably not a problem, unless you take iron supplements, in which case you could be in trouble. 

I guess that if you eat enough Total cereal in your lifetime, you may have eaten the equivalent of one whole I-beam from the Brooklyn Bridge. But who's counting... 

Useless?  Useful?  I’ll leave that for you to decide.

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