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Ad – 1912: Acme Anvils

Acme Anvils, 1912 Sears, Roebuck and Company Catalog, No. 124, page 1073
Acme Anvils, 1912 Sears, Roebuck and Company Catalog, No. 124, page 1073.


Superior in design, material and finish to any other wrought anvils on the market. Made especially for us and sold only by us under our own guar­antee. Our Acme anvils at prices quoted below represent more real value than you can possibly secure elsewhere.

Our ACME ANVILS are made of two pieces of tough wrought iron welded at waist. The face is made of a single piece of tool steel securely welded to the body and warranted not to come loose. The face, trued by a special machine so there are no hollow or uneven places, is perfectly tempered, making it hard without being brittle, and tough without being soft. Has long, perfectly shaped horn and heel and the base has sufficient spread to insure stability and prevent tipping.

To prove that our Acme is the best wrought anvil ever offered, we sell it under our guarantee to take any one of them back at our expense within thirty days after you receive same if it is not equal to or better than any anvil you ever used.

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