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Ad – 1919: REO Speedwagon Convertible

REO Speedwagon Convertible Ad, Harrisburg Telegraph, March 25, 1919, page 12.

The New Reo “Convertible” Body On the Reo “Speedwagon” Chassis

Reo engineers have accomplished another feat in the form of the New Reo Convertible Body on the Reo Speedwagon’s chassis Everybody knows what the Reo Speed-wagon has accomplished mechanically. The new Convertible body is as sturdily constructed, wears as long and is always ready for business the same as the Reo’s that have gone before it.

There are nine different attachments that can be placed on the basic body shown below, that will fit practically every form of work in the city and on the farm. These attachments come separately and are attachable in a moment’s time, assuring the owner just the kind of body he desires and one that he can change at his will to haul any commodity he may wish. The following list shows some of the uses it is put to.

This Reo “Speedwagon” With These Attachments Solves Every Hauling Problem: See It At the Truck and Tractor Show

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