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1927: Food Is Literally ‘Shot From Guns’ (Footnote)

(This Footnote to History article was printed on page 4 of the June 6, 1927 edition of the Racine Journal-News, and is reprinted word-for-word below.)

Food Is Literally ‘Shot From Guns’

Quaker Oats Co. Shows Racineans Unique Way of Preparing Grains.

“Shot from Guns” is the descrip­tive term used by the Quaker Oats company In bringing to the at­tention of the consumers of breakfast foods, the manner in which ”Puffed Wheat” and “Puffed Rice” are prepared for the table.

The term is familiar to thousands of people and is accepted by them as the most ingenious explanation that can be made. All of the advertisements carry that “answer” to how the popular food products are prepared, and the company has con­trived an even more ingenious stunt in its publicity program.

Hundreds of Racine people stopped in their travels the other day to observe the operation of a contrivance which really “shot the grains from a gun.” It was mount­ed on a beautiful, glittering yellow motor conveyance. The small can­non was of brass, and as the vehicle proceeded through the streets there was “shot from the gun” the grains that go to make up those nationally advertised and universally known breakfast foods.

The car has traveled through many states so far, and it proceeded northwest through other parts of Wisconsin after leaving this city. Racine was one of the chief cities of the midwest which was selected on the tour of places to be visited.

AI-generated image generated using Bing's Image Creator.  The prompt entered was "A 1930s cartoon of a truck shooting puffed wheat from a cannon."
AI-generated image generated using Bing’s Image Creator. The prompt entered was “A 1930s cartoon of a truck shooting puffed wheat from a cannon.”
Original 1927 story.
Original 1927 story.
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