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Ad – 1938: 450 Miles on a Gallon of Gas

450 Miles on a Gallon of Gas - Diamond Fuelizer
This Diamond Fuelizer ad appeared on page 20 of the March 1938 publication of Modern Mechanix.

50 Miles on a Gallon of Gas!

Potential Gasoline Mileage

ACCORDING to an article by the president of the world’s largest motor research corporation, there is enough energy in a gallon of gasoline if it were converted 100% in mechanical energy to run a four cylinder car 450 miles.

NEW GAS SAVING AND TOP-OILING INVENTION Astonishes CAR OWNERS A Marvelous Device has accomplished wonders in utilizing a portion of this waste energy. It saves gasoline, gives better mileage, reduces carbon formation, creates more power, gives quicker starting, snappy pick-up and a smoother running motor. Saves many repair bills.

Big Profits and Free Offer!… To obtain national distribution quickly, men are being appointed everywhere to help supply the tremendous demand. Free samples furnished to workers. Write today for this free sample and big money-making offer.

Diamond Fuelizer, Dept. 115,600 High St., Akron, Ohio

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