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Ad – 1939: Oldsmobile

Oldsmobile Ad, Saturday Evening Post, August 5, 1939, page 27.
Oldsmobile Ad, Saturday Evening Post, August 5, 1939, page 27.

More room for all of the family in a big, luxurious Olds

TAKE the wheel of an Oldsmobile and make the most of a summer’s opportunities. No other car offers quite so many possibilities for pleasant, carefree motoring. There’s plenty of room for all the family in Oldsmobile’s comfortable Body by Fisher. Extra-large windshield and windows permit an unexcelled view of the countryside—provide extra virion for extra safety.

Oldsmobile’s big, power-packed engine delivers thrilling, effort­less performance. Brilliant acceleration zips you swiftly away from stoplights. And you cruise so smoothly and silently that the miles seem to melt before you.

Modem coil springs all around smooch out ruts, bumps and chuck-holes — never require lubrication or adjustment— give you a level, restful, Rhythmic Ride even on rough country roads.

See your Oldsmobile dealer. Find out how little it costs to own an Olds—how little it costs to run the car that won first place in its class in the famous Gilmore-Yosemite Economy Run. It pays to own a quality car — in thrift, in dependability, and in die fun you get out of driving!

Oldsmobile offers three great series the 90 H. P Sixty. the 95 H. P. Seventy and the 110 H. P. Eighty, all at prices substantially lower than last years.

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