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1949 – Could Beggar Be Santa Claus? (Footnote)

(This Footnote to History article was printed on page 1 in the December 25, 1949 edition of the Akron Beacon Journal, and is reprinted word-for-word below.)

Beggar Back—In Disguise

Gift To Akronite Recalls Handout

A BEGGAR who received a cup of coffee and two slices of buttered toast from Mrs. Marie Douty, 536 Howe st, last September must have been Santa Claus in disguise.

He returned to the Douty home Saturday afternoon and repaid the gift a hundredfold.

Mrs. Douty didn’t recognize the well-dressed caller.

“You don’t remember me,’ he said. “You gave me a bite to eat when I needed it badly. Here’s a Christmas gift.”

He placed a $5 bill in her hand and walked away.

Original article as it appeared in 1949.
Original article as it appeared in 1949.
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