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1950 – Dentist Pulls Tooth, Patient Jumps Out Window (Footnote)

(This Footnote to History article was printed on page 20 in the May 3, 1950 edition of the Akron Beacon Journal, and is reprinted word-for-word below.)

Loses Tooth, Keeps Bounce

Patient Uninjured In 3-Floor Leaps

NORWALK, Conn. <AP> — A dental patient, who had just undergone an extraction, jumped from a third floor dentist’s office, landed on a first floor roof and promptly jumped again to the street.

Uninjured, 52-year-old James Wheatley, was overtaken on the street by Patrolman Jim Moriarty whose attention had been attracted by Dr. Malcolm H. Golden.

Moriarty brought Wheatley back to Dr. Golden’s office where he was put to rest again on the couch from which he had been recovering from the effects of an extraction under an anesthetic.

The original May 3, 1950 article.
The original May 3, 1950 article.
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