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Ad – 1957: Kodak 300 Slide Projector

Kodak 300 Projector advertisement
Kodak 300 Projector ad that appeared in Sports Illustrated, May 13, 1957, page 73.

New Kodak 300 Projector is ultra-portable yet shows your color slides bigger, brighter!

The handsome new Kodak 300 Projector is so compact, it stands no higher than a modern telephone . . . and closes into its own case for easy carrying.

Yet this striking, modern-design projector throws bright screen images. (Gives bug pictures, too, in an ordinary living room—thanks to its “wide-angle” lens.

You’ll like the smooth, even glide of its great new Kodak Readymatic Changer. It loads up to 36 slides in cardboard mounts, makes changing simpler than ever.

See the new Kodak 500 Projector demonstrated at your photo dealer’s. It’s only $59.50, or as little as $5.95 down. And it’s made by Kodak, so you know it’s good.

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