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Ad – 1959: Cushman Scooters

Cushman Scooters Ad, Saturday Evening Post, February 7, 1959, page 6.

CUSHMAN TWO-WHEEL SCOOTERS, built for smooth performance and rugged durability, take you anywhere and everywhere (they’re easy to handle in traffic, easy to park).  Figuring operating costs, maintenance and depreciation, you really save with a Cushman Famous Cushman Husky 4-cycle engine delivers up to 100 miles per gallon of gasoline at speeds up to 50 miles per hour. Cushman Scooters are so smartly styled, the entire family will enjoy riding.

CUSHMAN 700 TRUCKSTERS effect substantial savings by hauling 800 pound payloads at amazingly low operating costs. Powered by the Cushman Husky 4-cycle engine, the three-wheel, shaft-driven 780 Truckster now incorporates no teas than a dozen new improvements for greater-than-ever performance, safety, and ease of operation. All-fiber glass cab available as optional equipment Wide variety of body styles. Electric starter also available.

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