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Ad – 1972: Who Else Wants a Live Monkey

“Who Else Wants a Live Monkey” Vampirella Annual, 1972, page 54

Who Else Wants a Live Monkey

YOU can be the hap­piest boy on your block with your own LIVE BABY SQUIR­REL MONKEY! Have loads of fun and en­joyment. Train your monkey to do tricks, come to you for food, petting and playing. These delightful monkeys grow to almost 12 inches tall and are golden in color. Slander, short-haired. Each monkey has a heart-shaped face, appealing eyes and grows a tall almost 14 inches long.

No problem caring for or feeding your monkey. It eats lettuce, carrots, fruits, almost anything you eat. Affectionate and loveable, almost a “member of the family” soon after you get your pet. Dress it in cute costume put on shows; you and your monkey can be real pals. LIVE DELIVERY GUARANTEED! Send $22.95 in check or money order. Pay delivery man small express charges for safe delivery to you.

Captain Company

P.O. Box 430, Murray Hill Station

New York, N.Y. 10016

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