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Bonus Episode: I Am a Guest on the Off Exit 10 Podcast

The tables are turned: In this episode, I am the one being interviewed!

Recorded on June 24, 2023, I was a guest on the Off Exit 10 Podcast, which is produced by my former students Mike & Jordan Sirani and Paul Morse.

During the discussion, I talked about how I became a teacher, what it was like to be on the Internet before the world wide web, how the podcast came about, and more.

You can listen to more episodes of the Off Exit 10 Podcast at https://www.offexit10.com/

The episode was recorded at Capital District Sports and Fitness in Round Lake, NY. https://capitaldistrictsportandfitness.com/

Steve Silverman on Frasier the Lion… 🎤 Listen to the full episode wherever your podcasts are consumed. And be sure to check out Steve’s podcast: Useless Information Podcast! #offexit10 #podcast #frasierthelion

Posted by Off Exit 10 Podcast on Friday, June 30, 2023
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