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Fascinating True Stories from the Flip Side of History


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The Flip Side of History by Steve SilvermanNew Book!

The Flip Side of History

By Steve Silverman

Hidden History, Strange Stories, and Hard-to-Believe Headlines


What if there was a flip side to the history channel? What would you do with all the historical facts and tales left out of history textbooks? From the host of the popular Useless Information podcast, Steve Silverman, comes a collection of fun history facts, strange news, and lost stories.

True Stories and random trivia that will entertain or liven up any conversation. In The Flip Side of History: Fascinating True Stories that Time Has Long Forgotten, read about common folk and not-so-common knowledge. In this collection of thirty plus historical events, Steve Silverman provides fascinating stories and easy to read facts. Covering a wide variety of topics, these stories highlight the quirks, complexities, and curiousness of man.

Stranger than Stranger ThingsThe Flip Side of History gives you tales full of strange news, trivia, and facts. Some made newspaper headlines, others were lost in history:

  • A prominent lawyer leaves his entire estate to a town for the establishment of a library that forbids women—setting off riots, arrests, and the near hanging of a judge.
  • The amazing story of the only person rescued from slavery by the Underground Railroad four times.
  • That time a man in the 1950s stole hundreds of women’s shoes in Coronado and San Diego, California. The shoes, most of them the left shoe, were found dispersed randomly all over town.

If you’re a fan of the Florida Man Challenge and books like The Book of Unusual Knowledge, Answers to Questions You’ve Never Asked, Bad Days in History, Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader, and The Greatest Stories Never Told; then The Flip Side of History is your next read!

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and Other Stories
from the Flip Side of History

by Steve Silverman


Artificial Heart
More Fascinating True Stories
from Einstein’s Refrigerator
by Steve Silverman.

Einstein’s Refrigerator
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Barnes & Noble Nook
Also available on iBooks

  • Fartman – You can really earn a living releasing foul-smelling gas! 
  • The Collyer Brothers – But where was Langley? 
  • Michael Malloy – Possibly history’s most bizarre murder scheme.
  • The Rooster Booster – The feathers will be flying!
  • Ballooning – Up, up and away in my beautiful lawn chair…
  • The Great Boston Molasses Disaster – History’s stickiest disaster.
  • Citicorp Tower – Watch our for the Leaning Tower of Citibank.
  • The Lake Peigneur Disaster – And away goes the lake down the drain!
  • The Rainman – Don’t wish for too much of a good thing…
  • Kitty Litter – What’s the scoop?
  • Einstein’s Refrigerator – He really did design modern iceboxes.
  • The Foot Thingy – Whatchamacallit?
  • America’s First Subway – It was one big secret.
  • Vaseline – It’s yummy for your tummy!
  • Hedy Lamarr  – Not exactly your typical nerdy inventor with a pocket protector.
  • The Zipper – Hey!  Your fly is open!
  • Nikola Tesla – He makes Thomas Edison look like a dummy.
  • Mike the Headless Chicken – He really was a chicken running around with his head cut off.
  • George Washington – He was really the 9th President of the United States!
  • Emperor Norton I – The USA’s first and only emperor.
  • Pennies for College – A college education for just pennies.
  • Fu-Go – The strangest weapon of World War II.
  • Bat Bombs – The other top-secret weapon.
  • Titanic – The curse of Violet Jessop.
  • Poon Lim – How did he manage to survive?
  • Mount Pelée – How an election killed the entire electorate.
  • Gadsby – An E-less novel.
  • Niagara Falls – The day that the Falls actually went dry.
  • The Al-Kuwait – How Donald Duck helped save the day.
  • The Baby Derby – How many babies can a woman have in ten years?
  • The U.S. Camel Brigade – Something seems just a little out of place here.
  • The Flubber Fiasco – You just can’t keep a good toy down.
  • Philo Farnsworth – How one boy changed the world…
  • The Great Toilet Paper Shortage – Blame it all on Johnny Carson.
  • Fight! – Why you should never scream that word in a crowded room.
  • The Exploding Whale – Son of Blubber takes flight…
  • The Peshtigo Fire – You’ve never heard of it because a cow stole the spotlight. 
  • The Horrors of DHMO – This stuff is just downright scary. 
  • The Matchstick Man – The most unusual instrument collection in the world.
  • Eveready Batteries – He gave the company away to work on model trains. 
  • Murderous Mary – The day Mary the Elephant was hanged.
  • Pez – Available in Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Chlorophyll flavors!
  • Pink Flamingos – So tacky, yet so cool.
  • Barbequing – Who really needs lighter fluid?
  • Lindbergh’s Artificial Heart – He was more than a famous pilot.
  • Reginald Fessenden – The world’s first radio broadcaster.
  • Photographic Film – Eastman-Kodak’s big loss.
  • The Photocopier – The invention that nobody wanted.
  • Neil Armstrong – Was he really the first to walk on the moon?
  • AstroNOTS – Did they really have the right stuff?
  • Mayday at 41,000 Feet – Watch those units…
  • Sir Alfred – He’s still there.
  • The Miracle Man – Almost does count…
  • 1904 Olympics – These games were a sideshow in every sense.
  • Ota Benga – The guy that lived in a cage at the zoo.
  • Charles Ponzi – Double your money in 90 days.
  • The New English – Good luck understanding this one.
  • Murphy’s Law – It figures.
  • Arbor Day – A forgotten tradition.
  • The Electric Pickle – Lets hear it for pickle power!
  • Hiroo Onoda – Hey!  The war is over.
  • Rubber Duckies – The quack heard around the world.