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Dr. Lutz's Vaginal Bulb Nozzle Syringe Ad, National Republican, January 9, 1886 page 2.
Parisian Tinto-Comb Hair Dye Ad, Black Cat Magazine, December 1899 page XXXIV.
Hu-Can Hair Tonic, Omaha Daily Bee, November 17, 1898, page 24.
"Now what have I said?," The Girls comic by Franklin Folger, Semi-Weekly Spokesman-Review, October 10, 1956, page 10.
"He lacks the most important quality needed to make a good husband - he won't propose." Cuties by E. Simms Campbell Comic, Dayton Journal Herald , January 12, 1949, page 26.
Election Day Absentee Ballot Comic, The Neighbors by George Clark, Deseret News, October 30, 1948, page A2.
"Good morning, Transparent Plastic Furniture Company" comic by Irwin Caplan, American Legion, July 1946, page 49.
Airplane Crash Comic, Cavalier, September 1966, page 37.
Asbestos Asbestocel by Johns-Manville Ad, Saturday Evening Post, February 5, 1927, page 124.
Toastswell Toasters Ad, Life, November 28, 1949, page 113.
Kem Electric Faucet Hot Water Heater Ad, Detective Book Magazine, Summer 1949, page 115.
Speed Queen Washing Machine, Wausau Daily Herald, January 8, 1938, page 5.
White Lead Paint Ad, Saturday Evening Post, August 5, 1939, page 83.
WinterKing Coal, Wausau Ice and Fuel Co., Wausau Daily Herald, January 8, 1938, page 10.
Majestic Stove Ad, Cosmopolitan, October 1908, page 217.


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