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Vintage advertisement for Gillette Safety Razor which appeared on page 9 of the January 3, 1905 issue of the San Francisco Call.
Vintage ad for Craig's Heroin Compound Advertisement appeared on page 1 of the May 1, 1906 issue of the Stanford Interior Journal.
Vintage ad for Newbro's Herpicide Dandruff Treatment that appeared on page 9 of the January 6, 1907 publication of the Arizona Republican.
Advertisement for Whitey Cat Food that appeared in the June 30, 1959 publication of the Escanaba Daily Press.
Rat Bis-Kit Ad that appeared on page 140 of the September 1923 issue of Popular Mechanics.
Advertisement for the Habitrail City hamster habitat appeared in the March 9, 1973 issue of the Long Beach Independent.


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