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"The plumber keeps warm in bed." The Passing Show, December 8, 1934, page 19.
Thriftway Discount Store ad from the March 18, 1945 issue of the Morning Herald.
Cullen's Pet Shop ad from the November 16, 1935 issue of the San Bernardino County Sun.
Fox's Pet Shop ad from the December 18, 1910 issue of the Pittsburgh Press.
Snappy Clothes Shop ad from the September 26, 1940 issue of the Troy Times Record.
Munn & Co patents ad from the June 26, 1902 issue of the Whitesville News.
Cessna 170 ad from the February 1952 issue of Flying Magazine.
Van Heusen shirts ad for Kern's. From the January 26, 1940 issue of the Detroit Free Press.
Vintage ad for Buster Brown Shoes that appeared in the August 3, 1906 issue of the Falls City Tribune.
Vintage ad for The Glass Block Store that appeared on October 2, 1912 in the Duluth Herald
Nine to Five comic from the August 27, 1954 issue of the St. Louis Post Dispatch
Out Our Way comic from the March 21, 1938 issue of the Sheboygan Press
Room and Board comic from October 24, 1951 issue of the Waukesha Daily Freeman
Apollo Savings & Loan ad from the March 4, 1959 issue of the Suburbanite Economist
Vintage Velvet Freeze Ice Cream advertisement from the August 27, 1954 issue of the St. Louis Dispatch.