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Atlanta policeman drags African American high school student Taylor Washington to paddy wagon during demonstration against restaurant segregation.
A hilarious Mr. Know-It-All clip of Bullwinkle explaining to Rocky how to hitchhike.
Vintage Star Trek 3D GAF View-Master Ad that appeared in The Monster Times in May 1975 on page 32.
Colorized photograph of former President Truman holding up a copy of the famous Chicago Daily Tribune newspaper declaring "Dewey Defeats Truman."
Vintage advertisement for Beech-Nut peppermint flavored gum that appeared in the August 1936 publication of Cosmopolitan.
Colorized photograph of the abandoned M. W. Savage Co. mail-order house in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
1972 commercial for Hasbro's four Leggy dolls in their stylish clothing. Watch this video to learn more about Jill, Nan, Kate, and Sue.
Vintage advertisement for ostrich feathers from the Cawston Ostrich Farm in South Pasadena, California.
A commercial for Wonder Bread that appeared in the October 1, 1952, broadcast of the Howdy Doody show.
I'm your new cell mate. What do you do around here to pass the time away?
Colorized photograph of butcher Milton Joseph, Jr. holding up a sign for his family's business.
Excellent Geritol commercial for "tired blood" featuring Betty White that aired in 1954.
Vintage ad for Merck Di-chloricide Moth Crystals Nuggets that appeared in Cosmopolitan magazine.
Colorized photograph of baggage, belonging to Japanese Americans being sorted and trucked to owners in barrack apartments.
Washburne Fasteners ad that appeared on page 23 of the June 2, 1906, publication of the Saturday Evening Post.