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This film from 1898, which was discussed in Retrocast #6, is believed to be the first Christmas movie ever made.
Film of the ambush that killed outlaws Bonnie & Clyde on May 23, 1934. Part reenactment, part original footage.
Clipper Clip Paper Clip ad that appeared on page 414 in the December 1908 issue of Scientific American.
Colorized photograph of Roland R. Conklin's "land yacht" double-decker bus.
Vintage commercial for the Kodak 300 Slide Projector with the Readymatic changer, which sold for $64.50 in 1957.
Crax-Ezy Boiled-Egg Opener Ad that appeared on page 55 of the June 14, 1953 publication of This Week magazine.
Colorized photograph of the opening of the movie Revenge of Tarzan at the Criterion Theater in Washington, DC.
1952 animated "I Like Ike" television advertisement for US President Dwight D. Eisenhower.
"The title of my composition is More Pay for Teachers," by Joe Campbell from the Ladies Home Journal, May 1958, page 24.
Colorized image of Harriet Hankins at the site of the planned community near Norris Dam.
Snap, Crackle, and Pop in the 1939 animated Rice Krispies cartoon/advertisement Breakfast Pals.
Tom Corbett Space Cadet Invisible Helmet advertisement from 1953. You see people - they can't see you!
Vintage advertisement for the Kodak 300 Slide projector that appeared in Sports Illustrated, May 13, 1957, page 73.
1929 advertisement for an x-ray Kathoscope, which implies that one can see through a woman's clothing with this device.
Stanley Kubrick photograph of a man in a newspaper stand with papers announcing the death of President Franklin Roosevelt.