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1960s Trik-Trak toy commercial that was clearly modeled after the classic Batman TV series.
Humorous "Just fine. How’s everything with you," comic that appeared in the May 6, 1944 issue of the Saturday Evening Post.
Before she was famous as the lead singer of the rock group Blondie, Deborah Harry worked at the Playboy Club in New York City.
A bizarre film that makes you wonder why it was ever made. Produced for the American Gas Association but the main focus is on making a tuna rarebit sandwich.
Would you wrap your baby in Cellophane? The people behind the ads at Du Pont clearly thought it was a good idea back in 1953.
Colorized photograph of Lower Manhattan that was taken by Arthur Rothstein in December 1941.
MGM News of the Day footage of the Atlanta premiere of the classic movie Gone With the Wind.
"Are the doors sturdy? My husband slams out of the house a lot."
Colorized version of one of the most famous photographs in history, which shows Florence Owens Thompson and her children.
British Pathé film of the 1956 wedding of Hollywood superstar Grace Kelly to Prince Rainier III of Monaco.
Can it be true? 450 miles on a gallon of gas? Check out this ad from 1938...
Scott's Run, West Virginia. Unemployed men attending meeting of the Workers Alliance Council, March 1937.
Very dated and funny instructional film for teen daters, presented here in the rare Kodachrome version.
Stewart's Duplex Safety Pins ad that appeared on page 70 of the January 1911 publication of McCalls magazine.
1917 colorized photograph of members of the New York City Food Aid Committee demonstrating how to bake breads and other baked goods using wheat substitutes.