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Fascinating True Stories from the Flip Side of History

Death by Lipstick

On November 3rd of 1930, Miss Othelia Winger, a student at the Marathon County Normal School in Wisconsin, was getting ready to go to a party near her parents’ home. Suddenly her lips felt like they were on fire and the pain just kept getting worse and worse. A doctor noted that her lips were swollen and she appeared to have an infection in her mouth.

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He Liked to Hear the Glass Tinkle


On the evening of June 2nd of 1959, New Orleans police received a call from a man who claimed to have smashed a window on Bourbon Street.  Five minutes later the police received another call that he had smashed another window at a nearby music store.  Both times, the police responded quickly, but the man was already gone.  

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Twins Switch Places


On Sunday April 1, 1951, officer Carl Hamm pulled over a car at the corner of North Holton and East Vine Streets in Milwaukee, WI. Hamm asked the driver for his license, which identified him as Elmer Urban. The officer knew immediately that he was lying. He was certain the driver was not Elmer Urban, but instead his identical twin Alvin.

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Lookout Falls from Tree


On Sunday, August 30th of 1959 four men decided to crack the safe at the Bellevue Cooperative Bank in the West Roxbury neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. 33-year-old John J. Storis was chosen to be the lookout while the other three men worked on the safe inside the bank.  Then, Storis saw a police cruiser and panicked. Perched in a tree, he fell to the ground and then ran to his car to signal the others with its headlights.

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