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Footnote – 1938: Ceylon Man Claims Fish Milked Cow

(This article originally appeared on page 1 of the June 6, 1938 publication of the Leader Post and is reprinted word-for-word below.)

Ceylon Man Claims Fish Milked Cow

From Sandusky, Michigan comes the year’s stringent fish story.

It involves a former Ceylon, Saak., man, Russel Ostic, who surprised a fish milking a cow, later removed a pound and a half of butter from the fish.

Ostic — the story was published, In the Sandusky Republican-Tribune-found one of his Guernsey cows standing in a water-filled pasture after a heavy ram.

When the cow did not move for some time, Ostic went closer, found it was being milked by a fish.

Ostic then caught the fish and found the butter inside it.

It’s an odd story, but in closing it the newspaper said: “This newspaper has heard about fish stories, but without a doubt this is one fish story that is true, at least Mr. Ostic says so.”

Mr. Ostic is well known in the Ceylon district, south of Regina, and among his many friends there is J. T. Meredith, who says that if Mr. Ostic says it happened — it happened.

The original story of the fish milking the cow.
The original story of the fish milking the cow.
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