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Dubious Advice – Podcast #197

Something NEW for the podcast! A look at advice columns and how they have evolved over time. Have the questions and responses changed over the past century? Some of the responses are sure to make you laugh.

Advice columns included in this episode:

(Note: Click on the images to read the pdf file. USe the text links to read additional information.)


Dear Beatrice Fairfax, June 29, 1899


Letters & Answers by Laura Jean Libbey, July 10, 1911


Heart and Home Problems by Mrs. Elizabeth Thompson, October 5, 1911


Cupid’s Corner and Everyday Etiquette by Betty Breen, January 1, 1920

How to Keep Well by Dr. William A. Evans, September 12, 1920

Wife’s Affection Killed by Man by Mrs. Evans, May 30, 1927

Dorothy Dix, November 19, 1931

The Jury Decides, November 17, 1941

Today’s Children by Ruth Crowley, R.N., February 23, 1944

Ann Landers, October 16, 1955.
Text of her first column can be found here.

Dear Abby, December 5, 1957

Boy Dates Girl by Gay Head, November 30, 1960

Ask Beth, July 28, 1963

Miss Manners by Judith Martin, January 4, 1978

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Mary Kay Haley
Mary Kay Haley
1 year ago

i really enjoyed the advice column podcast. I would love to hear more


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