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Einstein's Refrigerator

and Other Stories From The Flip Side of History

by Steve Silverman

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List of Stories in Einstein's Refrigerator:

  • Fartman – You can really earn a living releasing foul-smelling gas! 
  • The Collyer Brothers – But where was Langley? 
  • Michael Malloy – Possibly history’s most bizarre murder scheme.
  • The Rooster Booster – The feathers will be flying!
  • Ballooning – Up, up and away in my beautiful lawn chair…
  • The Great Boston Molasses Disaster – History’s stickiest disaster.
  • Citicorp Tower – Watch our for the Leaning Tower of Citibank.
  • The Lake Peigneur Disaster – And away goes the lake down the drain!
  • The Rainman – Don’t wish for too much of a good thing…
  • Kitty Litter – What’s the scoop?
  • Einstein’s Refrigerator – He really did design modern iceboxes.
  • The Foot Thingy – Whatchamacallit?
  • America’s First Subway – It was one big secret.
  • Vaseline – It’s yummy for your tummy!
  • The Zipper – Hey!  Your fly is open!
  • Nikola Tesla – He makes Thomas Edison look like a dummy.
  • Hedy Lamarr  – Not exactly your typical nerdy inventor with a pocket protector.
  • Mike the Headless Chicken – He really was a chicken running around with his head cut off.
  • George Washington – He was really the 9th President of the United States!
  • Emperor Norton I – The USA’s first and only emperor.
  • Pennies for College – A college education for just pennies.
  • Fu-Go – The strangest weapon of World War II.
  • Bat Bombs – The other top-secret weapon.
  • Titanic – The curse of Violet Jessop.
  • Poon Lim – How did he manage to survive?
  • Mount Pelée – How an election killed the entire electorate.
  • Gadsby – An E-less novel.
  • Niagara Falls – The day that the Falls actually went dry.
  • The Al-Kuwait – How Donald Duck helped save the day.
  • The Baby Derby – How many babies can a woman have in ten years?

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