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Footnote – 1934: Cat Becomes Flaming Torch

(This article originally appeared on page 1 of the November 17, 1934, publication of the Courier-News and is reprinted word-for-word below.)

Cat Becomes Flaming Torch; Damage $100

Vineland—(AP)—Mrs. Victor Barbaglia has a cat who tried its best today to emulate Mrs. O’Leary’s cow, of Chicago fire fame. Mrs. Barbaglia’s cat, however, went the cow one better and carried its fire around with it.

Mrs. Barbaglia went into the basement early today to tend the furnace. When an oily rag caught fire she picked it up and tossed it aside without looking to see where it went. It landed on the cat’s back, setting fire to the fur. The cat scrambled upstairs, hopped into Mrs. Barbaglia’s bed and set fire to the bedclothes and to the nightdress of Mrs. Barbaglia, who had followed the cat. Mrs. Barbaglia, unable to beat out the flames, leaped from the window and rolled in the grass, extinguishing the fire. The bed and home were damaged to the extent of $100. (Approximately $2,100 today.)

Original article from the Courier-News.
Original article from the Courier-News.
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