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The Woman with the X-Ray Camera Podcast
One of the most bizarre storiesPearl Lusk's X-Ray Camera Gun ever presented on this podcast. The nearly unbelievable true story from 1946 about a New York City woman hired to investigate another woman suspected in a jewel heist.  What happened next is truly unforgettable...

A Life Forgotten Podcast
What would you do if you  A Life Forgottenwoke up tomorrow and had forgotten your entire past?  No idea of where you live, what your profession was, who your relatives are, or even what your name is.   Learn about one man who suffered such a fate and how he ultimately found out who he really was.   

The Fever Girl Podcast

Fun story from 1923.  Newspapers aroundThe Fever Girl the United States reported daily on the health of the Fever Girl - a woman with the highest temperature ever recorded to that date.  Would she live or die?   Read or listen to this story to find out.
Baltimore's Buried Treasure Podcast

Baltimore's Buried TreasureYou may have heard about the California couple that found five cans of gold coins on their property.  A fascinating true story about two Baltimore boys that made a similar discovery back in 1934.  In this case the pot of gold proved to be anything but lucky.   
Busman's Holiday Podcast
Every day for sixteen years, bus driver William Cimillo drove his passenger bus out of its garage in the Bronx.  One morning he decided to make a left turn off of his usual route and ended up taking a ride that he would never forget.

Tunnel Joe Holmes Podcast

Joseph Ellsworth Holmes was a career criminal serving a twenty year sentence for being the "dinner-time burglar". His great escape in 1951 elevated him to celebrity status overnight.

The Blaze Incident Podcast
A long-forgotten front page story from January of 1945 that involved the US military, the White House, a Hollywood actress, and one big dog.

Mr. Moneybags Podcast
Alexander Ector Orr Munsell was an incredibly wealthy man during the Great Depression. He seemed to have it all, until he suddenly gave it all away to live among the poor in a flophouse. Find out why he chose to do so and what happened after that.

The Baby is in the Mail Podcast
It's absolutely true: When the United States started Parcel Post service in 1913, both babies and small children were mailed. Read or listen to why it was done and how it came to an end.

The Short Life of Suzy Dewey Podcast
The sad story of a little girl that was diagnosed with terminal leukemia who was the victim of a hoax during the last few months of her short life.

Operation BodysnatchPodcast
At the end of World War II, the United States was faced with the task of reburying four bodies of former German nobility. Three members of the Monuments Men were assigned this task and ran into obstacle after obstacle.

Attack of the 50-Foot Garden Hose Podcast
Some mysterious force was bringing garden hoses all over the United States to life back in 1955. Find out what they did and how one owner named George Di Peso put an end to all of the madness.

The Ghost of Guam Podcast
The true story of a US Navy radioman who was hunted by the Japanese during World War II for 2 years and 7 months.  Find out how he was able to outsmart and outrun the enemy. 



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Headless Mike
You've probably heard that old expression about running around like a chicken with its head cut off.  Well, Headless Mike gives new meaning to this expression.  Check out this article for one of the oddest stories that you may have read in a while.  Warning: it's not pretty, but you'll probably remember it for the rest of your life. 

Microwave Ovens
 A melted candy bar and some egg on someone's face are responsible for the invention of the first microwave. Check out the interesting history of this product's development. Also, is there any truth to the rumor that people have cooked their babies alive in these cooking machines? 

US Camel Brigade
It’s hard to imagine the old west without images of the classic cowboy riding his horse off into the sunset.  Yet, if things had gone differently, those old western movies would have had John Wayne riding into town on his camel.  When the Lone Ranger was blurting out, “Hi yo Silver, away!” he would have been referring to his two-humped friend.  And Roy Rogers would have had a dromedary named Trigger. 

David Rice Atchison
What would you do if you could be President of the United States for one day? Would you start a war?  Pardon all the criminals?  It just so happens that David Rice Atchison is the only man in history to have had this honor. Find out what Atchison did during his 24 hours in power. 

A collection of interesting tidbits that were just a bit too brief to write a complete web page about.  Take a look.

S.O.S Pads
These little soapy pads were originally designed as a giveaway to help sell aluminum pots and pans to housewives. The cookware didn't sell, but the pads were an instant success. By the way, the pads are not named after the famous distress signal.

 I'm stuck on Band-Aid 'cause Band-Aid's stuck on me. Millions of these little adhesive strip have been sold over the years. Yet, their existence may never have been if it weren't for Listerine. 

1904 Olympics
The Olympic Committee probably wants to forget that these 1904 St. Louis games ever occurred. The whole affair ended up being one big circus sideshow. How about a gold medal in mud throwing, totem pole climbing, or spear throwing? Check out this story for a good laugh. 


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