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Retrocast #1 – Podcast #152

This first episode of the Useless Information Retrocast includes the following:

Question of the Day: In 1947, Representative Bertrand W. Gearhart proposed that an independent country should be made a US state. Which state did he suggest? (Listen to the podcast to hear the answer!)

Retrosponsor: Home Equipment Company with Johnny Cash reading the commercials.

Listen to the complete Johnny Cash show from which all of these segments appeared.


England’s Oldest Woman Seeks New Husband

5 Records Needed for Admittance to Dance

Albino Kangaroo Given to the United States

Footnotes to History:

Man Help’s Indict Himself

Girl Swallows Fork

Shortage of Marriage Licenses

Farmer Joe Takes Cow on Vacation With Him

Parrot in Tree Cries “I Like Ike”

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