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Retrocast #10 – Podcast #173

This episode of the Useless Information Retrocast includes the following:

Cohost: Matt Breen of the Explorers Podcast.

Question of the Day: What is the most used natural resource worldwide, excluding water?

Retrosponsor: Wonder Bread

This Retrocast commercial originally appeared
on the June 29, 1940, broadcast of Sky Blazers.

Wonder Bread Ad, Ebony, February 1972, page 26.

Sky Blazers advertisement. Racine Journal-Times, December 16, 1939, page 7.


The United States Bans Sliced Bread (1943)

Oregon Attempts to Ban Popcorn & Peanuts in Theaters (1949)

Akron Woman Loses Her Car (1952)

Footnotes to History:

Fly Swatters Aid Women To Regain Girlish Figures (1927)

Cake Still Good After 35 Years (1935)

Fall On Ice Starts Blaze in His Pants (1937)

Doctor Wins Bet But Client Dies After Paying Off (1947)

Driver Grabs At Bird, Hits New Police Car (1956)

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