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Retrocast #12 – Podcast #177

This episode of the Useless Information Retrocast includes the following:

Cohost: Tim Harford of the podcast Cautionary Tales

Cautionary Tales Podcast with Tim Harford

Question of the Day: What was Martin Luther King Jr‘s real birth name?

Retrosponsor: Instant Ralston Cereal

This Retrocast commercial is from the November 8, 1952 broadcast of Space Patrol.

Space Patrol Old Time Radio


Dead Woman Sits Up in Coffin (1922)

Smog Turns Necktie a Bluish Purple (1954)

Unable to Find Affordable Housing, Student Sleeps in Air Vent (1964)

Footnotes to History:

The Cake Bewitched Him (1885)

Fire Company Called To Put Out a Sunset (1926)

New Pill Bans That Fear of Trip to Dentist (1948)

Roscoe Goes to Calaboose to Escape TV at Home (1954)

A Stewed Duck is Too Saucy to Suit Cops (1961)

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