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This episode of the Useless Information Retrocast includes the following:

Question of the Day: What is the most commonly used place name in the United States?

Retrosponsor: Lifebuoy Soap

Audio is from the October 25, 1938 broadcast of the Al Jolson Lifebuoy Show.

Here is the short talkie film “A Plantation Act” that Al Jolson made before The Jazz Singer:


Hippo Jumps Off Ship into Detroit River (1863)

Leading Lady, Hidden Gent – Hollywood Switcheroo (1944)

Skydiver Grabs Chute on Way Down (1965)

Footnotes to History:

Narrow Escape for Quincy Boy – Lightning Strikes Crib (1935)

Dying Man Saves Self from Auto Gas Death (1936)

All The Steak You Can Eat Turns Out to Be Horse Meat (1946)

Returns to Find $8,312 Left in Booth Is Gone (1949)

Man Unknowingly Attempts to Rob Bank (1979)

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