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RetroRewind – 1972: Leggy Dolls

Commercial for Hasbro’s Leggy dolls. Introduced by Hasbro in 1972, four different dolls were manufactured.

A September 19, 1973, Shopko ad in the Green Bay Press-Gazette (page 65) reads: “From the Long and leggy, the kicky new look for fashion models. She’s fresh, and flippant with perfect figure for her new wardrobe. Each doll is 10″ high and poseable, with rooted hair. Each leggy doll comes with high fashion outfit, shoes and doll stand.” Shopko sold the dolls for $1.77 each, which would be approximately $10.50 today, adjusted for inflation.

Hasbro cataloged them based on their hair colors, although each doll did have a name. They were:

4620 Leggy Blonde – Jill

4625 Leggy Brunette – Nan

4630 Leggy Red Head – Kate

4635 Leggy Black – Sue

1972 (estimated), color, 34 seconds.

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