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Saved From Nazi Firing Squad by Freak of Fate

In 1944, Radom, Poland resident Majlech Elencwajg and a number of other people stood before a Nazi firing squad. When the guards opened fire, the bullet that struck Majlech hit his forehead and he was buried in a mass grave under a layer of dirt. Yet, he was not dead.  The bullet had only glanced his skull and knocked him unconscious.

Upon regaining consciousness, Majlech dug himself out. He concealed himself among the other prisoners, most likely those who were working to bury the bodies. When S.S. guards changed shifts, Majlech was able to rejoin the remainder of the prisoners in the camp.

When the war ended, the UNRRA (United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration), stepped in to help Majlech and so many other displaced refugees re-establish their lives. In March 1946, it was reported that he was studying medicine at the University of Marburg in Germany. A scholarship from the UNRRA was covering the cost of his education.

Majlech Elencwajg
Majlech Elencwajg. Image originally appeared on page 15 of the March 29, 1946 issue of The Wisconsin Jewish Journal.
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