Links to Additional Useless Information:

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The Straight Dope message board is a great place to go to post questions or participate in offbeat discussions regarding life's most puzzling questions.
Don't miss the fascinating The Urban Legends Archive. This is perhaps the best source on the Internet for the real truth behind many of those unusual stories that you have heard over the years.
The Uncle John's Bathroom Reader web site is all about selling books, but can be interesting to browse.
The Fortean Times claims to be the Journal of Strange Phenomenon.  If you have ever seen a copy of the print edition, then you have a pretty good idea of what this site contains.
Be sure to check out the Dead People's Server.  It is surprisingly useful at times.
Check out the scanned newspapers in the Google Newspaper Archive.  Sadly, Google has made it very difficult to search through this archive, but it is a great free collection.