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Thank you very much for spending some of your valuable time at my Useless Information site. I hope that you found reading these stories to be fascinating and enjoyable. Even better, I hope that I was able to bring a smile to your face.

First, I must mention that I love to receive e-mail!

I try to answer each message on an individual basis and in a timely manner.  However, please be aware that I do not claim to be an expert on any of the topics described. They are simply the best of my readings.  I have a great collection of trivia-type books and will do my best to answer your questions (if you have any), but many times I am stumped.

Based on the E-mail that I receive, many assume that I own DuPont or make Pez, Tootsie Rolls, Teflon, Grecian Formula 16, and many other products described.  Sorry, but I don't (but sure wish that I did), and I have absolutely nothing to do with these companies.   If you have questions regarding these products, you probably should contact the manufacturer directly (but I will try to help you if you would like).

I am always happy to hear from you regarding your comments and suggestions (compliments are also very nice and always appreciated). I've spent many hours researching each topic, but accurate information can be extremely difficult to come by. Therefore, if you have any suggestions or corrections (or whatever), I would love to hear from you.

Of course, if you know of any other fascinating stories, please let me know.

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I look forward to hearing from you!

I do my best to answer all of my E-mail, but I do miss some messages at times (the volume of mail can be quite large at times). If I fail to respond to your message in one week's time, simply send another message to remind me.

Steve Silverman :)