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Rubber Hose Cures Hiccups


So, what is your remedy for a case of the hiccups? Do you have someone scare you? Do you drink a glass of water quickly? Consume a spoonful of sugar? Or do you stick a rubber tube up your nose?

My guess is that you have never tried that last one. Yet, an article in the Associated Press on October 2, 1967 suggested the rubber hose method may be best.

A team, which consisted of three doctors at the University of Chicago and a colleague at Cairo University, found that hiccups could be cured by sticking a flexible rubber tube up a patient’s nose and stimulating the nerve endings of the pharynx.

The researchers found that this method was successful in 84 of the 85 patients that they tried it out on. They cautioned that this was not a do-it-yourself type cure. Due to potential danger, the procedure needed to be done by a trained doctor. Of course, by the time you get to the doctor’s office and sit in the waiting room for an hour before being finally called in to be seen by your physician, your hiccups will already be gone. No rubber hose needed.

Sixth Set of Twins


The Guinness Book of World Records claims that Barbara Zulu of Barberton, South Africa holds the world record for giving birth to the greatest number of twins. Between 1967 and 1973, she bore three sets of girls and three mixed sets.

A story from December 25, 1959 proves that she was not the first. On this date, it was announced that Mrs. Ernest Kittelberger of Rochester, NY had also given birth to her sixth set of twins.

The article stated that the odds of this happening were 433,626,201,009 to 1 – clearly an everyday occurrence.

Sadly three sets of the Kittelberger twins died shortly after birth. The surviving pairs were Fred & Pamela, Gary & Barry, and Gerald & Darryl.