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Fascinating True Stories from the Flip Side of History

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Girls Free Santa Claus


Santa Claus got himself into a bit of hot water in Burlington, NC back in December 1933.  That’s because he was handing out circulars without obtaining a license to do so. 

Personally, I am a bit shocked that Santa would have to do this in the first place since one would assume that he was quite busy getting ready for his annual Christmas run.  Of course, this was during the Great Depression, so maybe he needed to supplement his gift-giving in some way.  

Two sisters – 7-year-old Juliette and 9-year-old Henrietta Stolpher of Oklahoma – heard about Santa’s predicament and decided that they needed to take immediate action.  They had to get Santa out of jail before Christmas.   

First, they hired a lawyer, who just happened to be their dad.  His retainer was 10-cents per day and he served papers upon Burlington mayor Earl B. Horner by mail.

The mayor ordered that Santa be released and sent a telegraph to the two girls apologizing for not acting sooner.  Of course, children worldwide were also thankful now that Santa was free because the two girls had saved Christmas.

340 lb Santa Stuck in Chimney


On Christmas Day of 1920, the three children of New York Alderman Frank J. Dotzler were caught trying to sneak a peek at Santa while he was delivering their gifts.  

So, Dotzler dressed up as Santa, filled a pack with gifts, and decided to descend their home’s chimney.  Unlike the real Santa, Dotzler’s 340-pound mass got stuck about half-way down the chimney.  

He was forced to yell for help.  A bricklayer was called in to remove the portion of the chimney around Dotzler and the bag of gifts was tossed to the ground.  

The moral of this story:  Leave the work of heading down the chimney to the real Santa.