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Twas the Night Book Giveaway

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the publication of the poem A Visit from St. Nicholas (aka Twas the Night Before Christmas), I will be giving away one signed copy of the book Twas the Night: The Art and History of the Classic Christmas Poem by Pamela McColl! (Scroll down to go to the entry form.)

This remarkable book delves into the rich history of this renowned poem, exploring the debate over its authorship and its transformation into the most widely published and frequently recited work in the annals of English literature. Complementing the narrative are hundreds of vintage (and spectacular!) images that enhance the visual appeal of this captivating book. It seamlessly combines a delightful reading experience with stunning visual aesthetics.

The book makes the perfect Christmas gift. You can purchase copies of it on Amazon.

Sample pages from Twas the Night by Pamela McColl.
Sample pages from A Visit from St. Nicholas (aka Twas the Night Before Christmas) by Pamela McColl.

Here is the audio of my interview with Pamela McColl discussing the book:

The rules for the contest are on the entry form.

Note: Due to the high cost of shipping these days, the contest is only open to addresses within the United States.

All entries must be submitted by midnight of Friday, December 8, 2023.

To choose a winner, I will be using a random number generator. Should the random number be 37, I will be sending the book to entry number 37. It’s that simple!

The entry form can be found here: Twas the Night Contest Entry Form

Good luck!

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