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Vintage Ad – 1903: Owens Pink Mixture for Children

Owens Pink Mixture for Children Ad
Owens Pink Mixture for Children Ad (Clarion-Ledger, May 5, 1903, page 6.)

Advertisement Text:

Give the Baby Owens Pink Mixture for Children

Makes teething easy, regulates the bowels and stomach, stops crying, cures summer complaint.

Mayor Yewell of Owensboro. Ky., says: “Our baby was wasting away while teething. His bowels seemed beyond control. Three physicians* gave him up. Owens Pink Mixture saved his life. I cannot say enough. It saved our baby.”

None genuine without this signature on every package: Frank W. Floyd

25c and 50c bottles.

Money back if not satisfactory.

Ask for Floyd’s Dyspepsia Tablets for Indigestion. 50 tablets. Sample and book free.

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