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Vintage Ad – 1907: Good Plumbing

Christian Nauss Plumbing Advertisement (Harrisburg Telegraph, December 5, 1907, page 9.)

Advertisement Text:

Good Plumbing

No room in the home deserves more attention than the bath room, because your health may depend upon the quality of the fixtures and the plumbing. Defective plumbing creates sewer gas and sewer gas brings typhoid fever and malaria.

Sanitary plumbing and “Standard” Porcelain Enameled fixtures make your bath room modern, beautiful and healthy. We sell these fixtures, do this class of work and charge no more than you pay for the other kind. Let us estimate for you and prove the truth of this.

Prompt and reasonable repair service.

Christian Nauss, 34 N. Second St., Harrisburg, Pa.

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