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Vintage Ad – 1975: Star Trek View-Master 3-D Pictures

Star Trek 3D GAF Viewmaster Ad from The Monster Times, May 1975, page 32.
Star Trek 3D GAF Viewmaster Ad from The Monster Times, May 1975, page 32.


If you’re bugged because you can only see STAR TREK if and when your local TV station decides to show it, THE MONSTER TIMES has a unique solution to your STAR TREK woes. There’ll be no reason to be starsick tor your favorite show with these full-color, three-dimensional View-Master STAR TREK adventures. They’re portable, vividly realistic, AND you can view them whenever you want to.

THE MONSTER TIMES is offering not one, but TWO separate STAR TREK adventures. Each episode consists of three View-Master Reels (21 full-color, three-dimensional scenes) and you also get a 16-page color-illustrated booklet detailing the entire episode in words and pictures.

Episode One STAR TREK Taken from the original live action TV show, this episode follows Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, and Dr. McCoy who responding to a distress signal from their sister ship, “Exeter,” beam down to the planet Omega to aid the Exeter’s captain in his struggle against warring aliens and a mysterious disease. An exciting STAR TREK adventure featuring all the original stars—William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and Deforest Kelley. Yours for $2 00. 25₵ for postage & handling.

If you’d like both STAR TREK View-Master adventures, THE MONSTER TIMES can yet ‘em for you at a special bargain rate. Both episodes for $4 00, postage & handling included, a saving of 50 cents!

We’re also offering a STAR TREK STEREO VIEWER. This east-to-operate stereo viewer magnifies the Picture Reel photos a full five times through special precision lens. Just insert your STAR TREK Picture Reels into the Stereo Viewer, aim toward light for illumination, and before you can say “Mr. Spock,“ you’ll be enjoying a full-color, 3-D STAR TREK adventure. The STAR TREK STEREO VIEWER has a lever-operated picture advance, is sturdily constructed of lightweight, high-impact polystyrene, and can be yours for only $2.25 + 50₵ for postage and handling.

SPECIAL TMT STAR TREK OFFER: All three STAR TREK items − Two Picture Reel Adventures plus STAR TREK STEREO VIEWER — for just $6.25 postage and included, a savings of $1.00!


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