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YesterCast #1 – November 22, 1963 – Podcast #180

In the first episode of the Useless Information YesterCast, we take a look at what else was going on in the world on the day that US President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. It includes:

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Stories Related to JFK

Jackie Charms Texans With (Campaign) Smile

Parents Home in Seclusion

7 Presidents Die in Office in ‘0’ Years


Nixon Insists GOP Must Get Kennedy Out

GOP Already Making Election Year Sounds

Soviets, U.S. Want Space Free To All

Moon Rockets Huge

Mouse Won’t Do–Angeloan Wants to Hire An Elephant


Stock Exchange Is Closed

To Which Anthony Acquiesces

S&H Redemption Center Is Opened

Shortening Firms Held Innocent

Gem-Laden Crown Sold For $154,000


A Pair of Glasses Might Have Helped

Well, It Worked

Pepper Foils Robbery Bid, Youth Jailed

Bank Burglary Done in Reverse

Divers Discover Fake Money Plates

Man Halts Bridge Leap By Woman

Escapee Found Safe In Jail

Science and Medicine

Group Told Birth Control Methods Are Widespread

Quints Due This Sunday

Which Twin Needs Pump?

Father Delivers Baby in Auto

Resting Well

Smoking On Upswing Despite Attacks


‘Birdman’ of Alcatraz Succumbs

Falls From Trees Fatal to Brothers

18 Horses Face Death Due to Deathbed Wish and 11th-Hour Reprieve for 18 Ponies


Sports Events Canceled by Slaying

Four-Year-Old Proves To Be Soccer Expert

Oil Wells Golf Hazard


Plenty of Trees Due for Holiday

Self-Proclaimed Turkey Capital Is Busy This Time of the Year

Hypnotize Turkey Before Using Axe


He’ll Try Another Stunt Next Time

Today’s Queen

Britain’s Beatles on Sullivan Show

#1 Movie: Cleopatra

#1 TV Show: The Beverly Hillbillies

#1 Album: In the Wind by Peter, Paul, and Mary

#1 Song: I’m Leaving It Up to You – Dale & Grace

#1 Magazine: Reader’s Digest

#1 Book (Fiction): The Group by Mary McCarthy

#1 Book (Non-Fiction): J.F.K.: The Man and the Myth by Victor Lasky


528 Trees in L.A. Felled by High Wind

Cleric Calm: Lightning Does Strike Twice!

British Boost Temperature for Naked Painting

Dog’s Stroke Cause of Suit

The Bashful Bull Is Floored by Cow

Half a Ton Of Candy Given Away

No Teacher

This Joke Wasn’t So Funny After All

Eight-Foot Snake Sought In Michigan City

Ann Landers: If He Picks Wrong Gift Should She Return It?

School Menus

Newest of The New


The Girls by Franklin Folger

Trudy by Jerry Marcus

Off the Record by Ed Reed

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