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1906: Dress Made of Postage Stamps (Footnote)

(This Footnote to History article was printed on page 5 of the June 2, 1906 edition of the Buffalo News, and is reprinted word-for-word below.)

Dress Made of Postage Stamps

At a ball in Bermuda, a wonderful dress was worn, in the making of which over 30,000 stamps were used.

Years were spent in collecting the stamps, and three weeks in the making of the dress, which was of the finest muslin. The lady called upon her friends to help her, and the dress was covered with the stamps of all nations. They were not put on anyhow, but in an elaborate design.

On the front of the bodice was an eagle made entirely of brown Columbian stamps. Suspended from the bird’s talons was a globe made of very old blue revenue stamps. On each side of the globe was an American flag, having stripes of red and blue stamps. On the back of the bodice was a collection of foreign stamps in the form of a shield, in the center of which was a portrait of Sir George Summers [Somers], cut from old revenue stamps.

A picture hat, covered with red and blue stamps, was worn with this remarkable dress.

Postage stamp dress
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