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Vintage Ad Category: Around the Home

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My Wife Jean is Happy, Pretty & Pregnant Ad, Oneonta Star, December 5, 1972, page 9.
Speed Queen Washing Machine, Christmas Ad, November 28, 1949, page 56.
Asbestos Asbestocel by Johns-Manville Ad, Saturday Evening Post, February 5, 1927, page 124.
Toastswell Toasters Ad, Life, November 28, 1949, page 113.
Kem Electric Faucet Hot Water Heater Ad, Detective Book Magazine, Summer 1949, page 115.
Speed Queen Washing Machine, Wausau Daily Herald, January 8, 1938, page 5.
White Lead Paint Ad, Saturday Evening Post, August 5, 1939, page 83.
WinterKing Coal, Wausau Ice and Fuel Co., Wausau Daily Herald, January 8, 1938, page 10.
Majestic Stove Ad, Cosmopolitan, October 1908, page 217.
Sherwin Williams Paint Ad, Leavenworth Times, October 12, 1900, page 6.
I. N. Saddler Postoffice Drugstore Wallpaper, Perrysburg Journal, April 16, 1892, page 4.
Hills Balcony Dryer, The Sun, December 5 1903, page 13.
Vintage ad for Hotpoint Refrigerators from the May 7, 1941 issue of the Minneapolis Star.
Vintage Ad for Speed Queen Washing Machine at Wasserberger-Dickof Hardware that appeared in the January 4, 1939 issue of the Marshfield News-Herald.
Vintage Ad for Lane Cedar Chests at Axelrad's Furniture, Carpet, & Appliance that appeared in the November 7, 1948 issue of the Salt Lake Tribune.


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