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Vintage Ad Category: Animals & Pets

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Advertisement for Cockroach Racing that appeared on page 31 of The Billboard magazine on May 20, 1933.
Raise Giant Frogs, American Frog Canning. Popular Mechanics, June 1935, page 158A.
Ful-O-Pep Dry Mash for chickens ad, Everybody's Poultry, January 1929, page 2.
"Who Else Wants a Live Monkey" Vampirella Annual, 1972, page 54
"Hello, Ma... I got the job!" Argosy, September 1945, page 85.
Thriftway Discount Store ad from the March 18, 1945 issue of the Morning Herald.
Cullen's Pet Shop ad from the November 16, 1935 issue of the San Bernardino County Sun.
Fox's Pet Shop ad from the December 18, 1910 issue of the Pittsburgh Press.
Advertisement for Whitey Cat Food that appeared in the June 30, 1959 publication of the Escanaba Daily Press.
Rat Bis-Kit Ad that appeared on page 140 of the September 1923 issue of Popular Mechanics.
Advertisement for the Habitrail City hamster habitat appeared in the March 9, 1973 issue of the Long Beach Independent.


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