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Back in 1903, Sears, Roebuck & Co. had a complete catalog of windmills and windmill supplies that one could order by mail. They were marketed under the Kenwood name.
It is often said that you could purchase just about anything from the Sears catalog. That included marble headstones, tombstones, and grave markers. All were made in Vermont and shipped directly to the customer.
Video of baby Sallie Morris and her older brother Paul seated in a cage protruding from their family's apartment window, suspended over the bustling street below.
Gee Dad, It's a Wurlitzer! Not Only that, son—The Greatest Wurlitzer of All Time!
Colorized photograph of a storefront in Greensboro, Alabama that was taken during the summer of 1936. Note the reflection in the window of the competing A&P grocery store across the street.
Vintage advertisement for Buffalo Springfield Rollers Co.
If you like to draw, sketch, or paint, take the famous Talent Test.
Vintage advertisement for Owens Pink Mixture for Children. It's pink, so it must work...
7-Up advertisement with an 11-month-old boy drinking the soda.
George Rogers Clark Casualty Company Insurance advertisement from 1943.
Pioneer Suspender Brighton Sock Garters for men advertisement from 1908.
Laurent de Kolin’s Hormone Bust Lotion with 30,000 Int. Units of Estrogenic Hormones and vegetable oils.
Christian Nauss Plumbing advertisement, Standard plumbing fixtures.
Friskies Horse Meat Dog Food Advertisement from 1963.
I understand some of these birds are quite good to eat.