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Can it be true? 450 miles on a gallon of gas? Check out this ad from 1938...
Stewart's Duplex Safety Pins ad that appeared on page 70 of the January 1911 publication of McCalls magazine.
Vestro Bust Developer ad that originally appeared on page XXXIV of the December 1899 publication of Black Cat magazine.
Peruna was considered quack medicine, supposedly made from 28% alcohol. Invented in 1885 by Dr. Samuel Hartman.
I can see a resemblance to some men I know, but I don't see how they can say women came from apes! comic, 1957.
Cancer Cure Ad - B.F. Byes Sanitarium Cancer Cure that appeared in Black Cat Magazine, December 1899 on page xx.
Minipoo Dry Shampoo Ad that appeared in RN Magazine in April 1948 on page 16.
My Wife Jean is Happy, Pretty & Pregnant Ad, Oneonta Star, December 5, 1972, page 9.
This is a real ad for Gardner's Chill Pills Cure that appeared in the North Carolina Christian Advocate, June 4, 1902, page 14.
Advertisement for Cockroach Racing that appeared on page 31 of The Billboard magazine on May 20, 1933.
A real advertisement for Acme Anvils, 1912 Sears, Roebuck and Company Catalog, No. 124, page 1073
Portable Garage Ad, Cosmopolitan, March 1952, page 112.
REO Speedwagon Convertible Ad, Harrisburg Telegraph, March 25, 1919, page 12.
Oldsmobile Hydra-Matic Drive Ad, Life, October 15, 1945, page 5.
Wolf's Head Motor Oil, Field and Stream Magazine, August 1968, page 113.


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