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Vintage Ad Category: Fashion & Clothing

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Ripon Loafer Sox , Christmas, Life, November 28, 1949, page 50.
Enger-Kress Leather Billfold Wallets Christmas Ad, Life, December 3, 1945, page 143.
Protecto Rubber Sanitary Bloomers Ad, Dry Goods Economist, February 21, 1920, page 276.
Paris Sock Garters by A. Stein Ad, Cosmopolitan, October 1908, page 201.
Man-Tailored Walking Skirt Ad by Kalamazoo Suit, Cosmopolitan, October 1908, page 168.
Mermaid Bathing Bust and Abdominal Supporters, Evening World, May 26, 1908, page 9.
BVD Underwear Ad, Saturday Evening Post, June 2, 1906, page 19.
Vibra-Bra by American Image Ad, Mademoiselle, June 1972, page 177.
Thoresen's Jail-Jamas Ad, Esquire, May 1953, page 141.
Potato Sack Dress Ad, American Legion Magazine, December 1958, page 52.
Snappy Clothes Shop ad from the September 26, 1940 issue of the Troy Times Record.
Van Heusen shirts ad for Kern's. From the January 26, 1940 issue of the Detroit Free Press.
Vintage ad for Buster Brown Shoes that appeared in the August 3, 1906 issue of the Falls City Tribune.
Vintage ad for The Glass Block Store that appeared on October 2, 1912 in the Duluth Herald


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