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Vintage Ad Category: Food

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Husbands Beat Wives, Betty Crocker Cake Mixes Ad, Today's Woman, November 1949, page 160.
Pabst-ett Cheese Ad, McCall's, July 1927, page 41.
Pepsi Cola, Radio Mirror, August 1947, page 89.
Burger King Home of the Whopper Ad, Life, June 3, 1966, page R3.
Carnation Instant Breakfast Ad, Saturday Evening Post, May 21, 1966, page 26.
Jolly Green Giant Rag Doll Ad, Life, October 19, 1962, page 29.
McDonalds, Moline, Illinois Ad, The Dispatch, February 3, 1958, page 12.
Mars Milky Way Candy Bar Valentines Day Ad, Life, February 8, 1954, page 45.
Kooba Cola Ad, Swank, August 1941, page 66.
Safe-T Cones Ice Cream Cone Ad, Life, June 1, 1943, page 51.
Postum Food Coffee Ad, Black Cat Magazine, December 1899, page xix.
Jacob Fresh-Canned Mushrooms, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, October 24, 1937, page 95.
Own a Potato Chip Factory, Long-Eakins Company, Popular Mechanics, June 1935, page 151A.
Beeman's Pepsin Chewing Gum Ad, Cosmopolitan, August 1936, page 117.
Curtiss Baby Ruth Root Beer Candy Ad, Film Fun, December 1933, page 5.


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