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I can see a resemblance to some men I know, but I don't see how they can say women came from apes! comic, 1957.
"Now what have I said?," The Girls comic by Franklin Folger, Semi-Weekly Spokesman-Review, October 10, 1956, page 10.
"He lacks the most important quality needed to make a good husband - he won't propose." Cuties by E. Simms Campbell Comic, Dayton Journal Herald , January 12, 1949, page 26.
Election Day Absentee Ballot Comic, The Neighbors by George Clark, Deseret News, October 30, 1948, page A2.
"Good morning, Transparent Plastic Furniture Company" comic by Irwin Caplan, American Legion, July 1946, page 49.
Airplane Crash Comic, Cavalier, September 1966, page 37.
Pepsi Cola, Radio Mirror, August 1947, page 89.
"Hello, Ma... I got the job!" Argosy, September 1945, page 85.
"There may be a rubber shortage, Judge, but this guy's checks are still bouncing!" Dixon Evening Telegraph, February 23, 1942, page 4.
"The Lesson" (Titanic Commentary) - Cincinnati Enquirer, April 20, 1912, page 3.
"Doris! Do you mean to say we're through?" Click Magazine, March 1939, page 39
"The plumber keeps warm in bed." The Passing Show, December 8, 1934, page 19.
Nine to Five comic from the August 27, 1954 issue of the St. Louis Post Dispatch
Out Our Way comic from the March 21, 1938 issue of the Sheboygan Press
Room and Board comic from October 24, 1951 issue of the Waukesha Daily Freeman


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