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Vintage Ad Category: Beauty

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Minipoo Dry Shampoo Ad that appeared in RN Magazine in April 1948 on page 16.
Primset Protruding Ears Ad, True Detective Mysteries, May 1930, page 85.
Clear-Tone for Pimples, Popular Mechanics, September 1923, page 138.
Ferond's Hair Grower Ad, New York Daily News, January 3, 1921, page 3.
Bowlegged Straightleg Garter Ad, Photoplay, September 1918 page 121.
Renulife Violet Ray Ad, Electrical Experimenter, June 1918 , page 136.
American Ever-Ready Safety Razor Ad, Railroad Man's Magazine, October 1909, page 212.
Zip Hair Remover Ad, Screenland, December 1922, page 2.
Dainty-Form Fat Reducing Cream Ad, Screenland, October 1923 10, page 100.
Mennen's Borated Talcum Toilet Powder Ad, Boston Sunday Post Sunday Magazine, August 20, 1905 page 20.
Parisian Tinto-Comb Hair Dye Ad, Black Cat Magazine, December 1899 page XXXIV.
Hu-Can Hair Tonic, Omaha Daily Bee, November 17, 1898, page 24.
Vintage Ad for Ever-Ready Safety Razor Blades that appeared in the July 30, 1931 issue of the Louisville Courier-Journal.
Vintage ad for Mme A. Ruppert's Face Bleach appeared on page 24 of the March 10, 1901 issue of the Omaha Daily Bee.
Vintage advertisement for Gillette Safety Razor which appeared on page 9 of the January 3, 1905 issue of the San Francisco Call.


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